The Missing Piece

Co-op & Action Game
Project Overview
The Missing Piece is a cooperative action and puzzle game of four kids trying to escape the imaginary house. Children who are victims of an alcoholic mother uses imagination as a way of escaping reality. Breaking free from the house is a metaphor of facing reality because outside represent, out of the imagination.
My Contributions
Game & Character Designer, Animator and Programmer
Character Design
The character designs and environment designs were based upon a child’s dream so our team wanted to illustrate the child playbook art style yet using olive tone colors to resemble the darkness. As I, the character designer, wanted to enlarge the head to empathizes with their characteristics and show their emotions. However, in the build, it was hard to see their expressions because the camera is zoomed out too far. I wanted as the diversity into this game by mixing various races.
Ability: Main DPS
Role: Clear Enemies
Ability: Heals & shield others
Role: protect others
Ability: Shape Shift
Role: transform into a frog so that she can fit into small spaces
Super Hero
Ability: Strong
Role: Push boxes and break walls